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Tuesday, March 14, 2006


OK, we've covered the golden proportion, now let's look at colour. If you have natural teeth look at the colour of your canine (eye tooth) to the rest of your teeth...in most cases it will be darker.

The image here shows this, it is often subtle but they ARE darker.

This is natural and I would recommend considering having your new teeth follow this convention, if we make all teeth the same colour they can start to look monotone and a little un-natural. Even 1/2 a shade is enough to give a really nice natural look, but still keep lovely white sparkling teeth.

Teeth are also a different colour within themselves, they are slightly warmer towards the gum where the enamel is thinner and a little more translucent towards the tip where the enamel is thicker. I often get asked to make teeth all the same colour...again this has the tendency to make them look un-natural.

So there you are, when you go for a new smile at least bear this in mind when you decide what colour to go for!!

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